It doesn’t matter if you are creating your business or scaling up, gaining new customers and nourishing previous customers will be at the top of your list! Email marketing is specifically high on its return on investment as many people handle their mobiles on a consistent basis. And yes, if you’re on your phone it is likely that you will see those emails pop up.

Building connections and staying true to yourself requires that you water the plant and by that, we mean that you send love letters to your customers as often as needed.

Creating connections can be done via:

  1. Newsletters to provide helpful content and increase brand awareness, drive traffic and show what’s new with you on your website or social media.
  2. Reminders (friendly) to catch a customer if their subscription/membership is ending.
  3. Season emails to engage with customers interested in shopping on Christmas/Holidays, Valentine’s Day, for birthdays, or anniversaries.
  4. Special offers for just your loyal customers to get extra perks.
  5. Flash discounts to increase your sales for a period of time.